My Favorite Quotes

“Your biggest limitation is your reluctance to move forward. Get over that, and you can get over anything.” -Ralph Marston

“What seems impossible is only impossible from your current perspective. Just beyond impossible is the chance to jump to a higher level.” -Ralph Marston

“In all those things that stir your passion, there are valuable achievements waiting for you to bring them to life. In what you love, in the way you like to feel, there are pointers to your next great achievement.” -Ralph Marston

 “Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” - Hassett

“It’s not where you are from, but where you are going. It’s not what you drive, but what drives you. It’s not what’s on you, but what’s in you. It’s not what you think, but what you know.” -Author Unknown

“It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through.” - Zig Zigler

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Jessica Ryan Hood is a personal trainer/ nutritional consultant/ motivator/ coach/ NPC National Level Figure Competitor/ posing coach/ and Fitness Model.

 Please feel free to contact Jessica for any of the following.

* Personal Training / Nutritional guidance
* Online Training / Nutrition
* Contest Prep

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 *Jessica is MOVING again and will be taking clients in Katy, Texas, beginning February 2018, contact Jessica for more info!


Media/Interview Work:

*Click here to see Jessica’s Alpha Cuts Femme commercial, by Alpha Pro Nutrition!

*Jessica was featured in a 3 full page spread of Ironman Magazine, Feb 2012! Click here to check out her photos!

*Click here to check out Jessica’s shoot with world famous photographer Alex Ardenti, taken in July 2011 in Beverly Hills for Alpha Pro Nutrition! Don’t forget to check out here behind the scenes video as well!

*Click here to see a sneak peak of Jessica’s upcoming feature in Ironman Magazines Swimsuit Edition!

*Jessica was featured in the September 2011 Issue of Oxygen Fitness Magazine, Pages 140-141.

*Jessica appeared in the February 2011 Issue of Flex Magazine on page 282, posing with fellow competitors at NPC Nationals 2010 in Atlanta.


Featured Testimonial-

 “I started training with Jessica Jordan in April of 2010. She has truly been an inspiration to me and has helped me reach my physical goals in ways I never thought possible. I have never been extremely overweight, but I have certainly always been chunky or what some like to call “thick”. I tend to carry most of my weight in my mid-section. In the first month of training with Jessica, by honestly sticking to my customized diet plan that she put together for me and showing up to the gym to train twice a week with her, I was able to drop 8 lbs and 3 inches from my waist. Needless to say, I was ecstatic and had never felt better about myself. Not only did I gain confidence, but I also received a great reaction from my husband. My husband has never had a problem with the way I looked and thought I was beautiful the way I was, but he definitely noticed a difference in the way I felt about myself, which was what he loved more than anything. He certainly wasn’t complaining about my “new body” either.  Not only is Jessica an amazing trainer, but she is a beautiful person inside and out. I truly enjoy my workouts and spending time with her every week. As long as you stick to her diet and workout regimen and get your weekly cardio in on your own time you will see the results in no time!! I highly recommend Jessica to all of my friends and family…”

-J. Crater, Huntington Beach, CA