My Favorite Quotes

“Your biggest limitation is your reluctance to move forward. Get over that, and you can get over anything.” -Ralph Marston

“What seems impossible is only impossible from your current perspective. Just beyond impossible is the chance to jump to a higher level.” -Ralph Marston

“In all those things that stir your passion, there are valuable achievements waiting for you to bring them to life. In what you love, in the way you like to feel, there are pointers to your next great achievement.” -Ralph Marston

 “Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” - Hassett

“It’s not where you are from, but where you are going. It’s not what you drive, but what drives you. It’s not what’s on you, but what’s in you. It’s not what you think, but what you know.” -Author Unknown

“It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through.” - Zig Zigler

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11 Weeks Out From Team Universe

I started my prep 14 weeks out from Team Universe, I will also be doing the Greater Gulf States amateur competition in June, which I am 9 weeks out from currently.  I am feeling incredible and very confident at this stage in the game. I started my prep in a very good spot and only have a few pounds to go.  This puts me in a much better position to be able to better my physique through the dieting/prep process.  I am not afraid of losing muscle because my cardio and diet is not nearly as intense as it has been in the past.  I am enjoying being in great enough shape to do photoshoots this far out from my 2011 season.  Below are a few shots taken last week in Vegas. 

 YES, I went to Vegas and I had a blast, although I am dieting and can’t enjoy an alcoholic beverage or all of the amazing food Vegas has to offer, I had a blast! Like I stated in previous blogs my goal of this prep was to live it up and enjoy each and every moment of it! I am living up to this so far. I have in, 2 weeks, dropped 4 lbs, I have never dropped this quickly and I believe it is because I am so happy and enjoying life more than ever before, I have nothing and nobody holding me back from my goals! Everyone in my life has been placed there for a reason and I am so blessed to have the family and friends that I have! 

 My diet is great, I have never had my fats actually increased 2 weeks into my prep, so my energy is at an all time high, also due to the fact that my body is changing and tightening up daily! My workouts are fun and I am feeling stronger everyday, both mentally and physically!  As I sit here and write this I become more and more excited to take this prep to another level. I will be starting my track workouts next week, which I am really looking forward to, contact me if you are interested in joining me! I work with Kim Oddo for my preps and I couldn’t ask for a better, more positive coach, he is truly a mastermind at what he does. He is so positive and honest about everything, he will never lead you astray.  If you have a body part that is failing, he will let you know, but he will always give you the positive reinforcement that you need! However, if you can’t handle true honesty, you may not do well with him, but then again you will never succeed in this industry without it! I can’t express enough how excited I am to step on stage in June, I have truly fallen in love with competing, I have found my niche and finally captured the right balance between my career as a trainer, mentor, competitor, friend, sister, daughter and aunt! My life is finally piecing together and I feel like I have found myself, again!


Jessica Jordan

Congrats to Chloe Smith

Congrats to my client Chloe Smith. She placed 3rd at her 1st figure competition. There were 9 girls in her height class and she took 3rd, qualifying her for Nationals! She worked her butt off and I couldn’t be more proud. Through the help of Erica Fuerst and I she took her body to a level it has never gone. She is excited to continue this journey. The OC Classic was only the beginning for Chloe!

Finding Balance

While competing it can be tough to find balance between your training, family, friends, and your regular job. So often, we start off juggling our strict training regimes pretty well and throughout our preps as everything becomes a bit more intense (i.e. our workouts and diets) it can be quite exhausting to also satisfy everyone else in our life.  But let’s be honest, without our friends and family, we have nothing!

If you aren’t enjoying life through your prep, you may be putting too much unnecessary stress on yourself.  If you allow yourself to have a still have a life outside of the gym, by fighting the urge to hide away because you are tired, hungry, grumpy ect… and just be yourself, by going out and having a little fun, you may notice that your results will come even faster.  You may even notice more significant changes in your physique, mostly related to your cortisol levels!

 Balancing everything out can be tough, but you need to sit down and figure everything out because without the balance you will wind up losing out on what this journey is all about. Can you still go to a party? Yes, you just can’t eat the cake, chips, alcohol ect…, but you can still partake in all of the great conversation. Can you still go out dancing with the girls? Absolutely, you may not be able to drink, but you can have fun without it J Instead of putting your life on hold during your prep get out there and flaunt your hot, lean body! Don’t just wait to strut the stage, go strut the town! It takes so much work, dedication, determination and persistence to get up on that stage, why wait for those few minutes, when you have 12 weeks! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am going to show off my hard work, if people judge me, oh well! I am going to be ME and continue living this life I have built for myself! I will prep myself harder than ever, through the assistance of the best coach, Kim Oddo, and I will make time for all of the other important things in life!

Jessica Jordan

My Next Journey is Rapidly Arriving....

I am two weeks away from starting my 2011 prep! I can honestly say, I have never been more excited for any other prep, ever before! I am in such a great place in my life. I feel like I have really been through a lot since the year started, but I have recently become so grounded and focused on my goals, that nothing can stop me now!  I have never felt more in tune with myself and clear about what I want from life.  As I approach my next phase of life, meaning my next prep, I am doing so as a completely new Jessica.  I have changed almost everything in my life and I am ready for whatever challenge may come at me.  I have never felt more confident or strong in this body of mine.  I have a plan and that plan is to take each day as it comes and live each moment to the fullest. So often I go through life just waiting for the next best thing to happen, but I have been living in the NOW and it feels fantastic, I highly recommend it :) Live for each moment of every day and trust me, you will find that life will truly deliver you happiness!

 I will be starting my prep roughly 6-7 pounds from my competition weight and I have to say this has been the best, most productive off-season I have ever had! I feel that I have made the improvements necessary to step back up on that National Stage and be one of the most competitive physiques up there! I am ready, right here, right now to step up my game to an even higher level and achieve my IFBB status this year! Nothing and nobody will stand in my way!


Jessica Jordan

Keep It Simple

 So many people (myself included) complicate their life’s so much. We try to do too much and then we still aren’t happy with the outcomes. Sometimes we need to work hard, but most importantly we need to be smart! Spending your day planned out to a T can put a hindrance on your ability to build upon yourself. I am not just talking about your training, but your entire life. I have always been the person with a plan, my friends always made fun of me; I had every moment of my week, month ect planned out.  I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to change that aspect of my life and become more spontaneous.  Spontaneity builds character and regardless of where we are at in our lives we need to ALWAYS be working at making ourselves better. When we train for shows we are training to be our best and beat ourselves, yeah it is great to win, but if that is all you focus on, you WILL at some point be let down. Go after your goals for none other than yourself! You will never be let down, because with hard work, dedication and persistence you can and will ALWAYS be your best!

By tapping into the simpler things in life it will always place your dreams at arms reach instead of out of sight!  I am not saying, “Don’t dream big,” but keep your goals simple and realistic. Don’t ever let YOU settle for YOUR second best! If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask either, your loved ones will always be there to help you. I am learning this right now, very deeply, in my life.  Talk about your feelings and thoughts, don’t bury them inside, or they will deter you from learning about yourself and your true character.  It can be hard to step up to the plate and talk about what isn’t perfect in your life, but you will feel like a new person! We can become so blinded by going through our daily routines, but sometimes you need to take an immense step back to see the big picture. I know the last 3 weeks of my life I have found a new me, I am going with it and keeping it simple!


Jessica Jordan